A Fun Beginning…

After looking online for fun Goat stamps, I’ve decided that if I REALLY want them, that I must make them myself.  I’ve only found about 5 on the Internet and most of them are ‘literal’drawings of goats…So what I did is created some ‘whimsical’ goat stamps.  ‘Do whatever floats your goat’ and ‘kick up your heels’.  I am actually ordering the set next week, which should be here in March or the first week in April.  It’s difficult for me to ‘put myself’ out there, to see if anyone likes the stamps, but it’s also exciting.  I’ve had a few close friends give their opinions and I feel pretty good about things.  Anyhow, whether I win or lose, I know that in the end, I did my best and I ‘stepped out of my comfort zone’ and made something that I truly believe in!  You’ll never know, if you don’t take the chance!   (Here are the rough drawings…)



My Mom is Dancing with Jesus

On January 27th, 2016, I hopped on a plane in Durango, Colorado and headed to Texas to support my brother, who had been sitting with our mother in the hospital and the nursing home for the past 3 weeks.  Before I could board the plane in Durango, my brother texted me and said that the Nursing home had just called and mom was not responsive and they were transferring her to hospice.  I truly believed that when I arrived in 4 hours that she would be gone.

As I walked into her hospice room, Mom yelled ‘Michelle’ with her arms opened wide.  I ran and gave her a hug, but was still confused as I expected her to be in a coma.  After talking to her and hearing her story, I was REALLY confused, she said that ‘they’ had put her in a ‘cold box’, but then they realized that she was still alive, then she was being taken to the hospice.  (Not sure what of this is truth as she was very delusional at the time).

January 27th was Mom’s birthday and that first night in hospice, she stayed up all night.  She stated that God had come to her through a tv (only she could see it, my brother could not). She said that God had given her a few instructions, one was to take her cold hands and her money and go have fun, another one was that all of her past marriages would be washed away, that all of the pain, the lies and the deceit would be washed away and that she would be a new virgin in Christ and she would soon marry her first true love.  She could wear a white wedding dress, and she would be living in a large house with a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a new car.  

The night of January 27th, mom stayed up ALL night, she said God had told her,her birthday, is the day she would be married, I was sent out to check on if ‘he’ was coming, she saw him, but never saw his face.  She heard him, but never knew exactly where he was.  The nurses gave mom a sleeping pill at 9 and then another one at 11 p.m. Neither of them fazed her, I was exhausted by 2 and told her to wake me up when he got there, and I laid down on the cot that folds out in the hospice room.  At 4:30, Mom was calling my name:  ‘Michelle, Michelle, wake up, Michelle’…groggily I awoke and asked what was wrong, she said you need to leave, he’s coming.  She said leave and don’t come back, until I call for you. So at 4:30 I was kicked out of my bed and sent to wait in the waiting room.  It was humorous at the time.  That particular night I cried once, when the nurses said there was no way she was getting a bath (at 11:30 p.m.) mom’s lip started quivering, because she wanted to be clean and sweet for her love.  I left the room in tears, she was calling me to come back and when I did she asked if I was crying, I said said yes and she asked ‘why’ then with this beautiful glow in her eyes, she said ‘I KNOW, HAPPY TEARS’ I said, ‘Yes, mom, happy tears!’  (She really couldn’t fathom that they could be anything else…)

Around 6:30 a.m. On the 28th I was allowed to come back into the room, ‘he’ never showed up, she kept saying he got busy.  I finally told her that he called me and said he had some loose ends to tie up and and he’d wake her when he got there.  Nothing much happened that night, she slept until about 1 a.m. When I awoke and asked her if she needed anything , she kept mumbling and I said ‘what” and she said ‘I need Jesus in my heart, I need Jesus in my heart, I need Jesus in my heart’ I was scared, and texted my brother, but he accidentally turned off his phone that night…since he never responded,  I knew I was on my own…Mom and I sat and prayed for 30 minutes, the fear I felt melted away as I’m sure it did for my mom, as she finally said ‘If Jesus wants me now, I am ready’, then she fell asleep and slept until morning.

Another thing Mom kept saying was ‘when all the kids are together, we will get married’, My brother and I just knew that Mom was waiting on my sister, who was driving down to Texas on Saturday.  On Friday mom and I talked about her wedding, what jewelry she should wear, if I had my dancing clothes with me.  Occasionally she would watch her ‘special’tv and when I’d ask what was on, she’d say ‘it’s for me’…usually she would tell me what she was watching, once it was her beautiful house, complete with a swimming pool and a tiny dog and cat (cause he likes cats).

Mom had started eating a little, placing her breakfast order every night before bed (usually McDonald’s), sometimes she would eat everything in sight, and I’d be amazed!  Saturday morning I talked to the dr. And she said that mom was stable, but still fragile, every person that walked through the doors, mom recognized.  she’d sit there and talk to them and remember the good old days. When she wasn’t sleeping, I was cutting her hair, or she’d play candy crush or find a word, or color…we’d watch ‘wheel of fortune’, etc (sometimes it was like real life and she’d get pretty agitated, other times she knew it was just tv)

Mostly we’d plan her wedding, mom had an idea who her ‘first love’ was, it was a guy named Dub Gordon, he had painted this beautiful picture of her, on silk (or had someone do it, I can’t remember)…Her dress was white, but she never saw it, he showed her her engagement ring, which was the size of a goose egg, and cost $80,000, when asked how she’d eat with that thing on, she said she didn’t care, if she had to hire a maid to feed her she would (if she couldn’t lift her hand)…Mom was sleeping better and eating pretty good, I had told her that her honey would be coming in with my sister on Sunday.  Mom would ask to speak to me or Gene (my brother) she wanted to verify that we had Jesus in our hearts, she was assured,without a doubt that we had Jesus in our hearts.  when my sister came in, mom asked her the same question, and Mom said ‘I can be at peace, all my kids are together’…Sunday afternoon, mom was determined to have her bath and get dressed.  We helped her with her clothes and into a wheelchair, she refused to leave the room until her hair was fixed, her teeth were brushed and her face was washed because ‘I’m going on my first date with ‘him’ tonight’…we went outside to watch the birds, after 5 min, mom was exhausted, so we helped her back into her room.  She laid down and ate a couple of bites for dinner, and then slept, she would always respond with I love you, too, when we said ‘I love you. My sister and I went to Walmart, to get some items for Mom’s next day at hospice.  Sis bought her a birdhouse, that we put up and filled with birdseed, so mom could watch the birds in the morning.

For some reason, my senses were on high alert that night, I constantly listened to mom’s breathing, around 3:15 a.m. Mom started coughing, so I jumped up to see what she needed, I gave her some water and she drank a few swallows, I talked about how it would soon be morning and she could have coffee (her favorite thing), She gave me her water and mumbled something, I said ‘what’ she said ‘hot cup of coffee’, so I put my shoes on and went to get her a cup, when I got back, she said she’d drink it later…then she asked for ice water,”ice water?’  ‘Ice’ she said, I said ‘do you want me to wake up Crystal to go get it?’  she said ‘no, leave her alone’, lol…so I went back down the long hall for ice, I remember talking to the night nurse, about how exhausting it is being a caretaker, but I also said, what mom wants, mom gets…I went back to the room and gave mom about 10 ice chips, and then I wiped  her face and neck down with a cold rag (she always did that to me when I was sick and she loved it) about 3:30 she fell back to sleep and I sat straight up in bed around 4, I jumped up and knew immediately that she was gone, I touched my sister and said ‘Mom’s not moving’ She jumped up and we stood there for a minute, before I called the nurse, and it was verified that she had passed…my last words to my mom was “I love you’ which she replied ‘I love you too’.  Mom passed 15 hours after my sister arrived…I know without a doubt that my mom is in Heaven that when she mentioned her ‘First love, it wasn’t her Human first love that she was referring to, but Christ, OUR FIRST LOVE!’  Mom is in Heaven, living the life she always dreamed of, of someone who loves her unconditionally, someone who adores her, no lies, no cheating, all of her dreams come true…Mom is in Heaven, and I KNOW I’ll see her again soon!
Mom, We love you to the moon and back, and forever and ever!!!!

Always be aware, scammers EVERYWHERE…

On the side, I sell origami owl, which is this awesome jewelry that you can, kind of, make it like a charm necklace…I say kind of, because there is a lot to this jewelry collection, there are bracelets, earrings, and these awesome lockets that you put charms of your choice in to.

I am an independant consultant and Origami Owl has made it so that if someone is interested in your product they can email you and place an order…This week, I’ve had two such orders, one wanted some stuff for Christmas presents (totaling about $250) and the other wanted some stuff for her daughters wedding.  Anyhow, when I got up this morning the Christmas present lady sent me this ‘odd’ message, about how her son fell out of a 2nd story window and how with the stress of the ambulance, the hospital, etc, that her ‘debtor’ had misunderstood her and sent the money, for two bills, to me.  Would I please cash the check, and send the rest to her art supply person…first thing I thought of was, this is odd.

So I wrote my cousin (who is also my mentor in origami owl) and asked her about it, second I looked up this persons address on google maps, that only showed houses with one story…(I’m NOTORIOUS for giving people the ‘benefit of a doubt’–but hubby who is more ‘cautious’ says it’s a scam, I know it’s a scam, first thing)…ok, so I’m thinking the kid could have fallen out of a babysitters window, etc…

Third, I did a search on facebook, where I matched up the name(s) with known ‘scammer’ names, and letters written word for word…

Anyhow, since it’s the Holiday season, I just wanted to send out an ADDITIONAL warning to check, check and double check if someone is purchasing something from you.  If you feel in your gut that something isn’t right, than it usually isn’t.  SELLERS BEWARE!!!

Blessing to all~~


A fun secret ‘box’ made out of playing cards…

The other day my niece stated that she wanted to make one of those ‘secret’ hidden cutouts in a book, while we were discussing it, but husband wondered why no one had ever made a secret box out of cards??

So…I started thinking about this, and doing a little research on the interent, and not finding anything, this is what I came up with…

First, you need a box of playing cards, I picked these up at the dollar store, but any cards will work.

You need to pull the jokers and 10 cards out of the deck, these will be used later as the bottom and the lid of the ‘box’.

You need a way to create the holes in each of the cards, I used this die from Sizzix.


Use the die to center your hole, and tape it down, once you put it through your cuttlebug (or whatever die cutting machine you chose), that card will be used as a template for all the other cards.  
Now you can tape two cards together and tape the die on to get a perfect shaped hole (well, almost perfect).  Once you have all the holes cut out of the remaining cards (remember not to cut holes in the ones we will be using for the top and bottom), we will begin gluing them together. (I used art Glitter glue and applied the glue with a paint brush, washing the paint brush off, as needed, so the glue wouldn’t ruin my paint brush, by drying on the bristles)

I think it works best if you have something that will give you at least two straight edges (I thought of a box and using the inside corner, but hubby came up with this) the main thing to consider is you want to have the cards directly on top of each other so that they stacked correctly…
Once you have the main cards glued together, you will glue the 5 cards together (for the top and bottom) with the jokers on top).

Next, glue the bottom to the ‘block’ of main cards, with the joker peaking through the hole.

Finally, use a piece of thin, plastic tape to tape the ‘lid’ to the box.

Now that your ‘secret’ box is complete, fill it with jewelry, keys, money, or whatever else you can think of, it should fit perfectly back into the original box and will be a fun ‘surprise’ for someone that is on your gift list.

If you know of anyone that has ever made a similar box, I’d be happy to hear from you.  Please feel free to share this blog post, or my youtube video (featuring this craft), but please give me the credit for it!  

Thank you for your support, and have a GREAT day!